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ADM_User - User

A user is a person or group of persons, which may own a number of objects. When user administration has been activated, only object owners have write or update access to an object. users may have sub users, which automatically inherit access rights from its parent.

Access rights for a user might be restricted to certain object types or extents.

When running an application, there is usually an active user and a current user. The current user is the user that has logged in, or the system login user (when user administration is switched of). The active user is the user, that is assigned automatically as owner to newly created objects. Usually, the active user is the current user, but one may assign also another user as active user within the application or in the database DBOpen () handler.

Access rights for the parent users (user groups) are inherited as long as the user does not have own access right definitions. in this case access rights from all parent users are combined with OR (union access right).