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SDB_Member - Structure member

Inherits:  SDB_Resource

Structure or class member are details the structure definition consists of. Structure member may appear in ODABA structure definitions as attributes, reference, relationship or base structure. In ODABA class definition members appear also as functions or function, windows or documents. Members are also used to describe function parameters. In the scope of a structure or class definition member names must be unique.

Creating or renaming any kind of member (see ODC_PFunction for special rules) the identifying name ( sys_ident ) is checked. For names containing other characters than:

  • _
  • a-z, A-Z
  • 0-9 (not allowed as first)

a message is written to the system output:

"Identifier ' sys_ident ' for ' SDB_Member or specialization' contains character(s), not supported in (all) program languages"