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Option - Application options

In order to provide application settings, ODABA supports options, which allow assigning an option value to an option name. Option names are case insensitive names corresponding to the default encoding of the application. There are several system options controlling common behavior of the GUI framework and the database. Other options might be created by user. Standard options for database applications are described in option reference ( Reference documentation / Common ODABA options ). GUI framework options are described in the ODABA GUI reference documentation.

The class supports setting, checking and retrieving option values. Option values, which do not exist are created on demand. Option values, which have not got a value, will return an empty string as value.

When external options have been changed, e.g. by changing the options configuration file, critical options should be removed, since options already set are not read from the configuration file. In order to remove an option, the Option ::erase() function can be called.

After a database has been opened, options might also be imported from the user's option setting in the database. In order to read used options from the database, one may call Database ::initializeOptions() .

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