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StringList - ODABA strings list

Inherits:  odaba::String

String lists are used in order to pass complex parameter lists to several functions (e.g. executeAction() , setParameter() ). Thus, the functionality supported for string lists is reduced to necessary functions for creating and passing parameter lists.

It is implemented as odaba::String containing a well-defined structure in order to separate element names and values. By default, the structure is created automatically, when adding elements to the string list. One may, however, also assign a properly structures string to the string list in order to get string list elements.

String list elements may be passed as name or position elements. For name elements the value is preceded by an element name. There are different ways of defining string list elements (see example below). String elements are separated by a seperator, which must not occur within element values. By default, the separator is ',', but any other separator character may be passed to the string list constructor.

// named elements



// unnamed elements


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