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property path

A property path is an expression, which defines an navigation path by means of a sequence of property names, which are separated by dots ('.'). In contrast to a path property, the property path refers to the property defined in the last element while preceding properties must have a valid selection. A property path must not contain iteration or position operators.

A property path can be defined as absolute path beginning with an extent name or as relative path in the context of a given structure (complex data type).

A property path may address near or far properties, depending on the fact, whether it contains references and relationships or not. Paths to far properties may contain location specifications for reference or relationship properties within the path.

A property path represents one or more instances of the type defined by the last property in the path. Thus, a property path corresponds to the value or collection of the last property for the instances selected in the preceding properties.

Person.address.street // street for the currently selected person   // name of the currently selected parent for the currently selected person

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