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ODABA Releases TODBMS and Tools 13.1.0

ODABA is a Terminology-Oriented Database Management System (TODBMS) based on standards for object-oriented databases (ODMG 2003). In contrast to other databases that are focused on big data processing, ODABA stands for smart data processing, i.e. it is intended to be used for complex problems and complex data structures in combination with complex processing rules.

The latest version of the Terminology-Oriented Database Management System (TODBMS) ODABA has been released on Monday, January 11th, 2016. The new version ODABA 13.1 provides essential test support. The TestBrowser framework has been provided for running automated tests in an GUI environment. Also, we publish the first version of automated unit tests for the ODABA interface (API) and utilities in client and server mode within a test frame work (TestBrowser).

The new action-log feature supports testing and debugging GUI applications. Moreover, some new features as database mirror have been provided.

Tools have been improved by extending and improving a number of features. Several service classes for file access (MP3, zip) and BNF parser support have been provided in order to improve support for OSI development.

ODABA functionality as well as ODABAGUI API have been extended. Finally, several bugs have been detected and removed.