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ODABA Releases TODBMS and Tools 13.1.1

ODABA is a Terminology-Oriented Database Management System (TODBMS) based on standards for object-oriented databases (ODMG 2003). In contrast to other databases that are focused on big data processing, ODABA stands for smart data processing, i.e. it is intended to be used for complex problems and complex data structures in combination with complex processing rules.

The latest version of the Terminology-Oriented Database Management System (TODBMS) ODABA has been released on Monday, July 25th, 2016. The new version ODABA 13.1.1 provides some new features on different interfaces

Tools have been improved concerning documentation management and documentation generation. Also OSI debug features have been improved. Finally, XML support for accessing XML files via property handle has been provided.

ODABA functionality as well as ODABAGUI API have been extended and several bugs have been detected and removed.

Finally, several bugs have been detected and removed. More details are described in change logs and in notices delivered with the development databases (ODE tools: Object/Notices). Notices delivered with the databases also contain a list of open topics planned for next releases. Notices are stored separately for basic functions (, database kernel (, GUI framework ( and ODE tools (