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DatabaseHandle - Database Handle

Inherits:  DBObjectHandle

Database handle must be created for accessing data in an ODABA database. An ODABA database must be connected with a dictionary, which defines the object model for the database.

Each ODABA database consists of at least one Database Object (Root Object) that is the owner of extents and other data collections.

When creating a database handle the object handle this is based on a database object handle (-> DBObjectHandle ) for the root object, i.e. the database handle inherits all the functionality from the database object handle.

A database may consists of a number of physical separated mainbases, subbases and data areas. This is, however, handles internally after creating the database. For creating a multiple resource database the database handle provides several functions for initializing main and subbases and data areas.

Moreover, the database handle provides log file and recovery features, that allow logging all changes made on the database or recovering the database in case of errors.

The workspace feature supported by the database handle is a sort of persistent transactions. It allows storing changes for a longer period outside the database and consolidating or discarding changes when requested by the user.

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