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ODABAClient - ODABA client

To run client server applications one has to create a ODABA client instance. To support several connections to different servers one may create one or more clients within the application.

When connecting to different servers one has to create one client for each server. One may open several clients in an application. The first client, however, is considered to be the main client. The main client should be the last client closed in an application. After closing the main client one may open another main client. Since there is no hierarchy defined between clients the system will not check

The main client registers the process and activates the error log file. It opens the system database for providing error messages and the data catalog if one has been specified in the system environment (see ODABAClient constructor). These information are described in an ini-file, which can be passed to the client.

For initializing and registering the process properly, a client should be created also for locally running applications.

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