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SDB_KeyLock - Key lock register

The persistent key lock register is used, when running a database in file server mode or with workspaces. Key locks are set, when an instance is added or removed from a collection within a transaction or workspace. In contrast to client/server applications, workspace applications or file server applications need a persistent key lock pool.

Keys are locked for a collection index. Each key locked has an owner, which is the database session that has locked the key (in file server mode) or the workspace identifier. Keys are automatically unlocked, when the database session is closed (file server mode) or when a workspace is consolidated or discarded.

When keys remain locked (e.g. caused by abnormal application termination), key locks can be reset manually. Resetting key locks requires, administrator knowledge, because resetting active key locks may cause database damage.

For resetting key locks the database handle function ResetKeylocks () might be called from within an application, or the ResetKeyLocks() utility may be called.