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SDB_Type - Data types

Inherits:  SDB_Resource

Data types are defined as data types of different categories.

Structures of different types can be defined depending on the purpose of use. Usually, structures are user-defined types. Internally, however, key structures are created from key definitions for a structure. System structures refer to structure definitions provided by ODABA. View structures are structures, which are implemented as views.

Creating or renaming any kind of data type ( structures, valuelist, class, module, project ...) the identifying name ( sys_ident ) is checked. For names containing other characters than:

  • _
  • a-z, A-Z
  • 0-9 (not allowed as first)

a message is written to the system output:

"Identifier ' sys_ident ' for ' SDB_Type or specialization' contains character(s), not supported in (all) program languages"