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DictionaryHandle :: CopyExtentDef - Copy extent definition

The function copies an extent definition from one dictionary to another.

Return value:  Success ( logical  )

Implementation details

logical DictionaryHandle  :: CopyExtentDef ( DictionaryHandle &srce_dicthandle, NString &extnames, NString &newnames, NString &targ_struct=NString::Null(), logical transaction=NO, logical retain_schemav=NO )
  • srce_dicthandle - Reference to source dictionary handle
  • extnames - Extent name

    The name contains the name of the extent, only. It does not contain a namespace scope.


    retval checked for const &NString

  • newnames - New name

    String that defines the new name/key for a object that is about to be renamed or copied

  • targ_struct - Target type

    The target type must be passed when the type name for the extent has been changed (e.g. because of a copy/rename operation). The name is passed as 0-terminated string or as buffer with trailing blanks and a maximum length of 40 characters.

    Default: NString::Null()
  • transaction - Transaction option

    When passing true the function creates a transaction while operating.

    Default: NO
  • retain_schemav - Retain schema version

    This option indicates, that the schema version from the source type should be copied ( true ). When the option is false , the schema version for the target type definition is set to 0.

    Default: NO