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DictionaryHandle :: CopyCodeset - Copy enumeration

The function copies an enumeration from one dictionary to another.

Return value:  Success ( logical  )

Implementation details

logical DictionaryHandle  :: CopyCodeset ( DictionaryHandle &srce_dicthandle, NString &strname, int32 namespace_id, NString &newnames, PIREPL db_replace=REPL_none, logical retainSID=NO, logical retain_schemav=NO )
  • srce_dicthandle - Reference to source dictionary handle
  • strname - Type name
  • namespace_id - Internal namespace number
  • newnames - New name

    String that defines the new name/key for a object that is about to be renamed or copied

  • db_replace - Replace option

    Replace options can be passed in order to control the behavior of copy functions.

    Default: REPL_none
  • retainSID - Retain internal type numbers

    If this option is set to true the function tries to reuse the internal type number defined for the type in the source dictionary. If this is not possible the type gets a new number in the target dictionary. This option is used, only, when copying a complete dictionary.

    Default: NO
  • retain_schemav - Retain schema version

    This option indicates, that the schema version from the source type should be copied ( true ). When the option is false , the schema version for the target type definition is set to 0.

    Default: NO